5 Apps You Can Use For Kids With ADHD

When you start off as a new married couple, you think twice about raising a kid, as this would be a complete game-changer, but also fulfilling. Indeed, raising a kid might be too overwhelming, and there comes the point in their lives that they will be extremely active; playing around, being loud, messing things, you name it.  

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However, some kids tend to be extra active, and their attention span is also compromised. These are kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. They can be extremely active, much so that they will always move around. At the same time, they are much more impulsive than usual kids their age. Thus, they tend to do actions hastily. 

If your kid is dealing with this kind of condition, it best to understand what the symptoms are. At the same time, with the growing knowledge and development of technology, you might find that there are a lot of useful applications online which you could use in dealing with your kid. 

What Is ADHD? 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or better known as its acronym ADHD, is a brain condition wherein the patient diagnosed with it tends to be hyperactive and impulsive, much so that it interferes not only with his development but as well as on his functions in the society. 

Kids who are diagnosed with this condition tend to have a very limited attention span and acts out on things hastily. They tend to be impulsive, hyperactive, and unfocused. Because of this, they usually come off as aggressive to other people, since their tantrums and manner are not normal. It is important that as parents, you need to be able to understand your children and communicate with them effectively. 

At the same time, sharing the hard times with your wife or husband instead of taking it all to yourself will make it easier for you and your kid. 

Apps You Can Use In Dealing With ADHD 

As a parent, one should know that this disorder can be managed through therapies, medications, and constant support and understanding. At the same time, in this world where technological advancements keep on improving, one should know that it is not so hard anymore to understand and to deal with kids diagnosed with ADHD. There are plenty of applications online, and even on your phone which you could use to calm your kid’s tantrums. 

  • ChoreMonster 

ChoreMonster is a platform in which both parents and kids can sign up. Parents would list down chores for their kids to complete, and give corresponding points and rewards for each task completed. This app is perfect especially for couples who have kids with ADHD, as this would help them reinforce a positive system of completing tasks to their kids. It can also serve as a tag-team platform for both mom and dad in enforcing a healthy habit of doing household chores. 

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  • Bugs and Buttons 

This game helps kids to practice their math and writing skills, which are often the things that most kids with ADHD struggle. It aims to develop critical thinking, as well as focus. Don’t worry about your kids losing their attention, because this has a bright and fun graphics which will surely keep your kids hooked.  

  • Toca Nature 

Teaching your kids to love nature is not an easy task, but with Toca Nature, they can now explore that in the comfort of your home. This game allows your kids to plant trees, raise a mountain, and even grow a forest. This game aims to teach the love of nature, and hopefully make your kid proactive in planting real trees one day. 

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  • Put It Away 

Real-world chores may be a bummer, but Put It Away makes doing chores fun. This game provides a fun way to keep things organized, and even help them identify patterns. Next thing you know, your kids might be interested in doing real-world chores after playing this game. 

  • Tupsu 

This game starts with a furry little monster, Tupsu, who collects bright stars. As each level progresses, the difficulty of collecting stars also increases. More so, the interesting part is that it will require a good 5-10 minutes of attention, a long time for a kid with ADHD. However, the fun nature of the game and the challenge it gives you will surely keep your kid focused. 

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