8 Secrets To Happiness Even When Your Partner Has ADHD

Despite the negative notion of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or simply ADHD, relationships can be successful regardless of whether somebody in the relationship has the disorder or not. We might not be entirely familiar of ADHD in adults, as we are most aware of the disorder on children. However, ADHD can be present in adults, too. Moreover, it can affect life, career, and relationships.

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With the consistently rising awareness of adult ADHD and continuous research being done by experts and professionals, people with this disorder can live normal lives and engage in successful relationships. Making an ADHD relationship work can be challenging, but it is a wonderful experience and a great showcase of your love for one another.


Here are eight secrets to happiness in your relationship, even when your partner has ADHD:



  • Become Educated


To make the relationship work, you must be equipped with enough knowledge of the disorder. Become aware of the particular type of ADHD your partner has, and research on effective means on how to cope with it. Talk with your partner and know what his or her symptoms are. Ask questions for your partner and his or her counselor, if applicable. 



  • Slow Down


With ADHD, your partner can live a life with constant struggles and freakouts. Keep in mind that two people freaking out is not the ideal solution. Keep a calm mind and stay cool and collected. Help your partner organize his or her activities, and figure out a way to relax that works best for the both of you to stay away from the constant buzz of life.



  • Accept Imperfections


Respect each other’s imperfections. Learn to love each other’s quirks and uniqueness. Nobody is perfect. Even though you do not have ADHD, still, you are not perfect. Accept that your partner will go through ups and downs, just like you will. The best thing to do is to keep reminding each other of the lovely things that made you fall in love and maintain the relationship growing.

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  • Regularize Routine


Having a routine that you religiously follow can be a massive help in slowing down the symptoms and preventing freakouts. Structure out your activities to help you and your partner achieve goals. Prevent mess by sticking to your routine. It will help provide you and your partner the very much needed peace of mind.



  • Enrich The Positive


Dwelling on the negative aspects of your relationship will lead you to no progress. Look for the positive aspects of your relationship and enrich it. Shower your partner with compliments every day and keep reminding him or her of the things that made you fall in love. Focus on the wonderful characteristics, the things that make you laugh, and cultivate the good times.



  • Resolve Conflicts


Do not stay stuck in an argument. It will not make the relationship move forward. Do not let an argument remain as the elephant in the room for a long time. In approaching the conflicts, stay calm and discuss the issue without throwing loud words and discouragement. Making decisions when you are angry can lead to more conflicts, too. Refresh your minds by taking your personal space to manage your mind and your emotions, and resolve the conflict together.



  • Constant Communication


Always communicate with each other. Constant communication, whether or not somebody has ADHD or any other disorder, is the key to a healthy relationship. Do not keep heavy feelings inside. Instead, let each other be aware of any negative feelings and resolve it together. Be considerate of each other’s opinions because both of your words matter.

Source: pexels.com

Source: pexels.com



  • Empower Self-love


Loving another can be challenging when you do not love yourself first. Promote self-love in your relationship to help strengthen the love you have for one another. Encourage “me” time and be mindful of each other’s spaces. Be supportive of each other’s routines, refrain from judgment, be patient and be understanding.

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