Keep Calm And Breathe: ADHD Relaxation Techniques To Ward Off Stress


Sometimes, the symptoms of ADHD can sneak up on people. It can happen anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a business meeting or if you’re at the mall, triggers can appear anywhere. Stress already happens everywhere, but ADHD symptoms may trigger it even more. To help with this, here are some techniques you can use to calm yourself when the stress gets too much.


Everyone experiences stress. However, some people have long work hours and work that requires them to do overtime. These people sometimes leave the office so late and arrive at dinner even later. Sometimes, dinner is over by the time they come. For them, stress may reach a point wherein it can affect their health and social relationships with other people. 


For people who experience this and have ADHD, managing stress may need a bit more work. The way their brains are wired increases the difficulty of focusing and slowing down. This, in turn, can make them frustrated and thus more stressed. It can also impede on their work as it can lead to them not being able to meet deadlines or creating quality outputs. 


If you are looking for ways on how people with ADHD can manage their stress, here are some ideas on how to do it.


Acknowledge Your ADHD.


The first step to solving a problem is always to recognize the problem. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you don’t meet a deadline. Don’t blame yourself either because you should know that what you’re experiencing isn’t the usual kind of stress. The only thing you should be blaming is your ADHD. ADHD is something that won’t leave on its own so going to a doctor and getting treatment would be your best move. 


Exercise Your Options.


Fight away the stress by moving and shaking it off. Whenever you exercise, your brain releases serotonin, one of the happy hormones and the one that fights cortisol, the stress hormone. You don’t have to run a marathon, doing a 30-45-minute workout like walking or cycling can already help. That 30-45 minute workout, in turn, can do wonders like increasing your ability to relax for 90-120 minutes and increasing your ability limits for stress.


Measure Time.


For people with ADHD, time isn’t fixed or rigid. Instead, time is fluid for them. Therefore, a watch can significantly help them when it comes to reminding things like deadlines. Setting a timer can also benefit greatly. For example, if you’re planning to do something in, say, 10 minutes, setting a timer so that you can gauge and remember time better would be good. 


Create Boundaries.


You should always know your limits. It might be tempting to do a lot of things all at once especially so that these things can finally be done, but doing things one by one is much better. Doing too many things at once might overwhelm you in the end and in turn, raise your stress levels through the roofs. Do the activities that you deem are more important and learn how to say no when people ask you to do things to them.


These techniques are simple and easy to follow. Practice it by heart to keep your stress at bay while managing your ADHD. For more information on stress, you can go to BetterHelp.

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