Mental Health Comes First Too


Attending the 2017 Health Forum was refreshing. They addressed many issues about behavioral health, mental health, and substance use. There was also a portion there wherein personal stories of hope and recovery were relayed, which made many of the community members inspired. I, for one, was given hope that our community was supportive of families with disorders within. They also discussed the “No Wrong Door” movement that they started, which may have saved a lot of people in their battle with mental health issues.

I am not a drug addict, nor do I have a behavioral disorder issue. What I had was depression and anxiety, and even if it was not the main topic of the forum, their “No Wrong Door” movement has helped me personally.

Three years ago, I was an undiagnosed, clinically depressed individual with ADHD. I felt like I was at the end of my rope and that nothing in my life was beautiful or worthy of me still living. My parents were long dead, and I do not have anyone else apart from my work. And so, when a vengeful supervisor, whom I corrected at the office, made his way to have me suspended from job, I simply lost it. My officemate heard me mumbling that when I get home, I will kill myself, and so, she followed me and insisted that she stay with me until I “feel better.”


Eventually, I lost my job, and it hit me hard. But that same officemate took time off from work that day to bring me to the health forum. We both listened to the speakers and also engaged in the activities that were for the whole group. It did not heal me that day, but yes, it gave me hope that tomorrow could be better.

She brought me to her therapist the next. It turns out, she also struggled with mental health issues a few months back and had been seeing the therapist for treatment. The great thing about it all is that she became a really good friend of mine.

We see the therapist at least once every two weeks these days since we are in a much better place now.

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