The Essence of Diagnosing ADHD in Women

Being a woman in any era is tough. You need to deal with all the changes that your body naturally goes through and still seem graceful. You feel the need to prove to the world that you’re just as good – maybe even better – as your male counters. What increases the difficulty level that women face is the limited information available regarding disorders they may have had for years but was never diagnosed – like ADHD.


Why do women experience late or no diagnosis for ADHD?

The ultimate reason is the faulty assumption that this condition is gender-specific. To be precise, the doctors in the past used to think that only boys can have ADHD. New scientific studies, however, that the opposite of that is the reality since it is apparently a hereditary disorder. Meaning, a parent who suffers from the symptoms of ADHD can also transfer it to their children.


Another reason we can’t take for granted is that boys and girls show different condition indicators. In all fairness to the schools, they do subject the youngsters to tests to find out who has the disorder. It happens that the lads have quite a transparent attitude, in the sense that if they want to play outside in the middle of a class, they will do it. As for gals, when they can’t sit still, they help lead the class or make everyone entertained by their antics.


What are the downfalls of not knowing you have ADHD as a woman?

  • You cannot be treated.

While the disorder has no permanent cure at the moment, there are medications that a specialist can prescribe to stabilize the symptoms. If you don’t get an official diagnosis, though, they won’t be accessible to you.

  • You can’t justify your misgivings. 

We heard from women who just had recently learned they have ADHD how they hated themselves pre-diagnosis for not being able to concentrate at work or school. Some even think they are not intelligent enough, which is not the case at all. But now that they understand what’s going on, these girls can work on stuff in a way that won’t exaggerate the symptoms.

Again, that won’t immediately occur to you in case you’re unsure whether you have this disorder or not.

  • You may develop depression.

Feeling like you can’t do anything right can engulf your consciousness faster than anyone can foresee. A few studies reveal that you are three times more prone to self-injure or attempt suicide in that state. It is a significant downfall since a) you deserve to be out there, doing what you love best, and b) it’s possible to diagnose and subdue ADHD already.


What are the possible signals of ADHD for women?

  1. It is difficult to work when there are noises around your area.
  2. You cover up the fact that you haven’t finished a task and evaded your bosses.
  3. You get overwhelmed by deadlines and shut down completely.
  4. You plan a productive day yet end up barely doing a thing.


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