Things To Take Into Consideration When Marrying A Recovering Sex Addict

Living together with a loved one can uncover deep-seated emotions and struggles. These struggles may include sexual addictions and deviations. It can help the relationship if you have a full understanding of your partner’s history.


Without prior knowledge of your partner’s tendencies, you may feel deceived and thus, your marriage will be susceptible to divorce.


Before saying “I do,” here are some of the things you should be able to anticipate in marrying a person recovering from sexual addiction.


  • Know The Full Extent Of Their Condition

Up to what extent do you know your partner? Do you know what medication they are taking, or do they have any? If you know your partner is suffering from sexual addiction, you should know their full condition.


Knowing the full extent of their condition includes knowing when the condition began, what their triggering instances are, what they do to cope, and knowing when your partner decided to stop their addiction.


  • Be Ready To Support Them When Needed

Recovering addicts need support from their loved ones. The initial list of this support group includes your name at the top. Thus, you should anticipate the need to encourage your spouse often. Your spouse will need it at every stage of his or her recovery process. Moreover, your spouse should constantly be reassured that you are not judging them for their condition.


On the other hand, do not underestimate the importance of participating an established peer support group. A support group may be able to address some issues you cannot do on your own. Often, these support groups are moderated by medical professionals. The support group may help your spouse to recover faster from his/her addiction.


  • It Has Nothing To Do With You

You should be able to anticipate that marrying a recovering sex addict can have psychological effects on you, as a spouse. Psychologically, you will at times be blaming yourself for your spouse’s sexual addiction. It should not be the case. Regardless of what you do, it has nothing to do with you.


The addiction is your spouse’s problem and your only role in this process is to provide them with a safe space for healing. You are adequate. You should not be overcompensating due to your spouse’s addiction.


  • The Possibility Of Relapse

Also, take the possibility of relapse of a full-blown addiction into account when marrying a recovering sex addict.


Establish a game plan when this happens. What will be your initial response to the act? You should be able to keep calm and know your next steps.


Initially, who will you approach when this happens? Maintain a list of trusted people who will be able to give sound advice when you need it.


Ultimately, several factors are needed to consider in marrying a recovering sex addict. It takes a lot of courage and hard-line decision-making skills. More often than not, in this relationship, you should be more stable psychologically to be able to support your partner in his/her struggle.


Every relationship is unique. You will have to decide if you are ready to take on this challenge and reap the rewards at the end.

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