Things You Should Know About Dating Someone With ADHD

Dating is a very complicated and unpredictable phenomenon. There’s no guarantee that all this time and effort would lead to a long and fulfilling relationship. Things can get even more complicated when someone in the relationship has a mental condition like ADHD. This condition is most commonly known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Because of this, there are more considerations one must take into account. Check out these essential facts about dating someone with ADHD.



  • ADHD May Not Seem Obvious, At First

At the start of a relationship, people often feel very reckless and carefree. Thinking about the potential futures one can have with someone new can make them inattentive to their partner’s faults. Thus, a person with ADHD might seem upbeat, spontaneous, and engaging in the first few weeks of a relationship. Usually, they also don’t talk about their medical conditions right out of the blue. Give your relationship some time before you talk about these types of issues.



  • Emotional Outbursts Are Often Hard To Regulate

People with ADHD tend to be emotional and less in control of their outbursts. Intense mood swings are also common for them. In some situations, the risk of intimate partner violence becomes more likely. Proper therapy and treatment should be given as soon as possible to prevent that from happening. Giving some space to your partner is also a good idea in situations like these. Of course, if the relationship becomes unhealthy, it’s perfectly fine to leave. 


  • Things May Seem Messy And Disorganized

People with ADHD, on the other hand, tend to be the more disorganized one in the relationship, since their stuff would usually end up as a huge pile of mess on the floor. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re inherently messy. Sometimes, the mess could act as a visual reminder of where their stuff might be. Maybe cleaning up their stuff might just isn’t their priority. Either way, open communication and collaboration with your partner can help solve that issue.



  • Forgetting Certain Plans Is Common

People with ADHD are often at the extremes of the attention spectrum. They may be too focused on something or not focused at all. Their brains tend to prioritize certain things too much, at the expense of disregarding others. It’s always helpful to constantly remind them of important plans that you both agreed on. At the same time, make them aware of what you feel when they forget important plans so that they’ll make an effort to remember next time.


These are just a handful of the many things one must take into account when dating someone with ADHD. Although research on ADHD has grown quite rapidly, doctors still don’t completely understand the various mechanisms behind ADHD. Regarding treatment for people with ADHD and related medical conditions, there’s still a long way to go. However, that doesn’t mean that dating someone with ADHD is bound to fail. Just be considerate, and things will go smoothly!


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