A Parent With An ADHD Child

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The 2019 Global Health Conference was one event wherein issues on global health were discussed. What I liked about it, and I was so grateful that I participated in it, was how one of the speakers touched a little bit about ADHD or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I am not a health practitioner or a mental health therapist or counselor for me to have the benefit of attending the conference. But because of my friend, who is a therapist, she brought me with her, and with that, I get to understand about ADHD.

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Keeping ADHD Kids Busy During The Quarantine

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Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be suffering more than their non-disabled peers because of the quarantine. They can no longer go to public parks or play with their friends. The schools have also started letting the students get homeschooled. In other words, they may have a lot of pent-up energy to expel.

Since going out is not possible at the moment, you can keep the hyperactive youngsters busy with the following tips:

Decide On DIY Activities Daily

The first thing that parents should try is making a schedule of DIY activities with your ADHD kids. For instance, on the first day, you can make a sun jar. If they still have plenty of energy after that, you may build shelves or design shirts together.

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It is acceptable to plan as many projects as your children can handle. In truth, the more ideas you have, the more occupied they will be. But be sure that they are part of the decision-making process so that their interest won’t wane in the middle of the project.

Teach Kids How To Cook

In case everyone in the family loves food, your kids may enjoy learning how to cook. After all, they are naturally curious beings. The little ones may ask questions about what they eat, especially if the dish is new in their eyes.

You will be hitting two birds with one stone by doing so because cooking can keep youngsters with ADHD busy. You can get them kid-friendly tools and get their help for cutting fruits, washing vegetables, or picking the ingredients in the pantry. This activity may be able to hold their attention for at least an hour.

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Get A Pet

Have you heard about animal shelters being empty for the first time in forever not too long ago? It’s all because people keep on adopting the dogs under their care. Some have done that because they don’t want to be lonely while quarantined; others have kids who need a new best friend to keep them busy.

If your ADHD child has been asking for a pet for years, now may be the most convenient time to give them one. Then, you may tell them to feed and play with the animal all day long. This way, when the evening comes, all the kid can do is eat their supper and go to bed.

Start A Family Indoor Tournament

Considering no one in the family likes to back down from a challenge, you may start an at-home tournament. Say, each team can consist of boys or girls or a mix of both. After that, the teams need to come up with several games that you will all play.

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What’s fantastic about this activity is that the planning aspect can already take hours. You have to gather the game paraphernalia and prepare the room where the tournament will take place. When everything is ready, your kids will undoubtedly forget thinking about going out.

Plan A Dance Party

If all else fails, you can start a dance party with the kids. As you know, dancing requires everyone to move nonstop and feel the music. Trying it will allow your children to burn their energy effortlessly. Thus, they may not bother you to let them do something else for a while.

Final Thoughts

There is no question about the lengths that you go through to see your children happy, whether they have ADHD or not. However, we get that you may have to put in more effort than usual when you take care of hyperactive kids. Give a shot to any or all of the above ideas so that you can schedule your coming weeks better.

Good luck!