A Parent With An ADHD Child

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The 2019 Global Health Conference was one event wherein issues on global health were discussed. What I liked about it, and I was so grateful that I participated in it, was how one of the speakers touched a little bit about ADHD or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I am not a health practitioner or a mental health therapist or counselor for me to have the benefit of attending the conference. But because of my friend, who is a therapist, she brought me with her, and with that, I get to understand about ADHD.

I wanted to learn about it because I have a four-year-old son who was diagnosed with ADHD. Actually, my friend assessed him, and there, he was found to be with the disorder. I have no one in my life but my son. His father has always been absent and was never in the picture from day one. That is fine with me, and I do hope in time, my son will not wonder about it. In fact, I already have a ready answer. But then again, he has this disorder, and I do not know what to do.

Source: pexels.com

Oh well, I know what to do. I just tried to ignore it. In my mind, ignoring it might make the disorder go away and not real, then, I would do it. But no. Reality is that my son has it, and I have to face that fact. That was the reason my friend tagged me along. I had to accept that my son is with a behavioral disorder (I just learned this term) and that he needs my care, help, support, and love.

I did not want to believe it at first because I found it as my fault. Why did my son have ADHD? That was my thinking. Was it because of me? Because of my bad genes? I learned in the conference that there is a possibility that I have transmitted some genetic ADHD thing to him, but then again, it could be from his dad’s side. It was several things, really and not just genes. After that conference, I just submitted and accepted that my son has ADHD.

Right now, he is on a series of therapy treatments and is showing positive signs. I know I did all I could as his mother, and I am proud of myself.

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