Adult ADHD Problem: Find The Right Therapist

Sometimes, a diagnosis of ADHD can come as a surprise.   It is something that could shock you because you may not be aware of having such condition.  It is the culprit why you find it hard not to meet your deadlines, the hindrance to achieving your life goals.


Medication And Therapy Together Can Save Your Day

For someone with ADHD, medicine is not always enough.  Undergoing a therapy can help you a big deal.  Psychologists say that medications often point a direct aim at your hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention.  It is the therapy that helps fill the gap which your medicine fails to address.


Cognitive therapy teaches a person with ADHD the skills he needs to keep his work and home life on track.  Through therapy, he will develop a sense of urgency while doing a task, find motivation when things get dull, improve time management skills by making one aware of how long it should take him to finish a particular work.


“Don’t Take Negative Comments To Heart,” Says A Therapist 

Your emotional issues brought about by having ADHD can put you in trouble in your workplace and even in your personal life.  Hearing a not so nice comment about you can lower your self-esteem, cause you to have anxiety, and can trigger depression.  Your therapist is an ally who can work with you to help turn negative words from workmates, your boss, and other people around you into positive ones.

Allow Your Therapist To Teach You

Therapists expert in the field can assist you to work on your everyday skills such as

  • Arrange schedules and deadlines
  • Plan and know your priority
  • Split large projects into manageable smaller chunks of tasks
  • Help you monitor your progress in each task

Because your ADHD is a lifelong illness, you need a therapist whom you can talk to whenever you need him.  He must be someone you can rely on as different stages of your life start to call for various new things.  It is critical to find a person who understands your behavior, mood, and thinking.



Therapists You Should Avoid

Your therapist is not your disciplinarian, your critic, or your sympathizer.  Avoid a therapist who easily gets agitated by your symptoms, a worrier, or a joker who finds your attacks something amusing.  Immediately get out of the room when you see a therapist who solves problems by prescribing you massive doses of antipsychotic medications or someone who is all in just for money-making business.

Look for someone who is equipped with strategies and solutions designed to help you with your ADHD problems.

Finding the right therapy and therapist who can be your ally is essential for your survival – a person you can work with to learn techniques to be effective in your workplace and at home so you can reach your life goals.  You can ask your primary care doctor if he knows an adult ADHD therapist who is capable.   You can also search online for professional therapists in your area.  And when you find one, you can directly ask him about his approach to treatment and tell him what precisely you need to work on.

Just like finding the right drug that will work for you, seeing the right therapist for you can also be a trial and error method.  If your first few sessions did not work the way you expected them to, you can always go ahead and find someone whom you can work with effectively until you catch a good fit.

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