Having a Child With ADHD

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As a parent, one of the worst things to discover is that your child is struggling. ADHD affects millions of children around the world, and it can be detrimental to their development. If left untreated, your child will struggle with school, communication, and socialization. Luckily, a lot of research has since been done on the topic of ADHD in children. By exercising your knowledge on the struggles and how to assist your child, a positive outlook is possible. As children grow up, ADHD symptoms may appear to make them look defiant or unruly. Just remember, this is not your fault. Parenting has no correlation with the unfortunately struggle of this disorder. Your child cannot help that he is exhibiting this behavior, and he needs compassion and understanding in order to succeed.


What to Consider


Being able to understand what your child is going through is important. It takes an extra amount of patience to make him feel like he is secure. Refrain from any intentional (or unintentional) outbursts because this stimuli might actually enhance the ADHD symptoms. It is important to inform all teachers and parents of other children of the condition as well so that positivity is enforced within every aspect. Don’t fear medication. Some parents are hesitant to put their young children on meds for ADHD, but it has been known to help. Do a lot of research and talk to your doctor before making the final decision. Remember, nothing about having a child who suffers from ADHD is shameful. Many other children are also suffering from this common disorder, and you might even know a few from your day-to-day life that you were unaware of before.


Enhance Positivity

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When your child is struggling, it is essential to recognize when he does something positive. In fact, put extra emphasis on any positive behavior that is exhibited. By turning the focus onto the “good” behaviors, your child will naturally learn to try and curb the ADHD symptoms. Although, this is by no means a cure, this will create optimism into the already busy mind of your child. Just like any hardship in life, hearing praise and positivity is only going to help. The importance of being aware of the outlook you are teaching your child can really make an impact. Create a rewards system that allows your child to feel good about accomplishing milestones. These tasks can be long term or simple day-to-day things such as cleaning up the bedroom and setting the table for dinner.


Become a Mirror

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Children learn by example. If you are struggling in dealing with your child’s symptoms, take a look at your own behaviors. Do you plan ahead for events? Are you prepared during any temper tantrums that your child might have? Working on yourself during this process is only going to make it easier on your child. The art of organization and cleanliness will assist you so that you can ensure you are supporting your ADHD child to the best of your ability. You might receive judgement from other parents or people who just simply do not understand the way that the brain functions with ADHD. Educate them. Don’t let others apply a stigma to a condition that your child cannot help. Your child might not have his own voice in the matter, so it is important that you advocate for what is right. Shine like a beacon of guidance for you child and remember to stay patient at all times. The struggle of ADHD is not an easy one, but allowing yourself access to the right resources will only result in positivity.

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