How Parent Counseling For Parents Reduce ADHD Symptoms In Children


If you are getting frustrated with your child’s poor school performance and behavioral problems, you may want to consider Parent Counseling. As a treatment for ADHD, it helps by changing parents’ perspectives on discipline and dealing with the child. In the long run, it has also been shown to be more effective than medication. 


Reducing Reprimands


Out of stress or frustration, parents tend to scold their children often. Parents should know that scolding is not just ineffective. It just conditions the child to fear authority figures. The fear is also an additional distraction for the child, leading to even poorer school performance. Parent counseling aims to reduce the scolding and replace it with new parenting techniques. 


Lessening Commands


Children, in general, can handle a finite number of commands a day, regardless of their condition. Unfortunately for those with ADHD, their parents often give them more commands than other children. The additional restriction causes frustration for the child. At parent counseling, parents are taught to lessen the commands they give their children, making the children more comfortable and generally happier. A customized program teaches the parents which commands to keep and which to leave out per day.


Increasing Happiness


Children rely on their parents for their emotional well-being, so it is crucial for the parents to ensure that the children are happy and content. Remember that sadness can also be an additional distraction from schoolwork. Sometimes, parents need to alter a few parenting practices to raise their child’s happiness level.


Avoiding Arguments


All arguments, even minor ones, can cause child distress. Hearing their parents can set off alarm bells and their fear of being abandoned. Discussions can also trigger feelings of guilt since the child tends to blame himself when he sees his parents fight. Parents need to learn to keep fighting behind closed doors and not to add to the child’s stress and distraction.


Reducing Pressure


Because of their fear of academic problems and the repercussions (repeating the year, additional classes), parents tend to put pressure on their child to do well. Unfortunately, the weight can only make things worse because it makes the child more distressed. Parent Counseling aims to give the child a pleasant and relaxed learning environment.


Avoiding Criticism


One of the most significant and most common parenting errors is too much criticism. Even constructive criticism can be distressing if done too often. It can cause self-esteem problems and feelings of shame for the child. Parent Counseling aims to reduce the critical behaviors of the parents by reducing their irrational fears. They are taught that their child’s actions are typical and are not as challenging to manage as they may seem.


Reducing Sibling Conflict


Another cause of distress for children is feeling that they are inferior to their siblings. Children are not critical thinkers nor do they know how to look at the bigger picture, so they can think that a sibling is being favored over them, causing resentment. Parent Counseling can help identify the instances in which a child can feel this, therefore teaching the parents how to avoid it.

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