How to Stay Organized


Having a focused mind – This key step to organization can be more difficult for those struggling with ADHD. The thoughts don’t stop causing the brain to become overactive, and soon, it all might become too much to manage. How can you still remain organized while dealing with the clutter that ADHD brings to your mind? Starting from within is only the beginning. In order to feel well-balanced, you must make sure that you keep other aspects of your life organized as well. From ensuring that your physical environment stays clean to purging your emotions regularly, there is a lot that can be done to put you on the path of organization.


From Start to Finish


Being organized does not only apply to the approach, but also to the end result. Get into the habit of putting things away after you are finished with them. It sounds simple, and it will really make a difference in helping to keep you organized. The more that you eliminate the physical clutter in your life, the easier it will be to get rid of the mental clutter. This will save you time when you are in a rush because you will always know where things are. There is nothing more irritating than needing to run out the door and not being able to find your keys. 


Knowing What to Do 


To-do lists will become your best organizational tool. Get into the habit of making one daily. While you are winding down for the night, think about what needs to be done in the day to come. You can organize your list by importance or in chronically order. By doing this frequently, you will learn which method works best for you. If you are not interested in making paper lists, you can utilize your phone notepad or even download an app specific to the task of creating to-do lists. 


Jot Down Ideas


Keep a notepad handy at all times; if you have too much mental clutter, stop and write down your thoughts or ideas. This way of presenting them will make it easier for you to manage them, plus you may realize things that you haven’t previously. Using a word associate or free writing technique is the easiest way to express all of your thoughts or emotions. Having these ideas written down also becomes handy when you need to refer back to something; use your notes for reference. Being prepared goes hand in hand with being organized. 


Don’t Put it Off


Procrastination is detrimental to being an organized person. If you have the “do it tomorrow” mentality, it is likely that you are having trouble with time management. This is a common way of thinking; you probably know many people who operate this way. There is enough time in the day if you make it. Make sure that you complete all important tasks each day to the best of your ability. You will thank yourself in the long run, and you will find that you actually have much more time than you realize. 


By holding yourself completely accountable, you will realize what you are capable of. Experiment with different ways to keep things tidy, and once you find one that is preferred, stick to it as long as you can. Changing up the routine is also recommended. Sometimes doing the same thing in a different way will be enough to jumpstart your productivity. Your ADHD does not need to be something that makes life impossible. If you learn to work with it, you will be amazed at what you are able to accomplish.

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