Maintain a Support System


Having a tight knit group of people around you to lean on when times get hard, this is your support system. When choosing your people, it is a key factor to pick those that you trust the most. ADHD can feel overwhelming at times, and utilizing the help from your support system could be what it takes to push you forward during your hardest times. If your symptoms are particularly challenging, being social and talking to loved ones may seem like the last thing on Earth that you will want to do. By reaching out, you are not only obtaining help with your ADHD symptoms, but also overcoming social anxiety and possibly even shyness. Don’t forget, your support system exists to do just that – support you. They are going to be there for you as you would be there for them. You will be able to accomplish much more in life when you feel like you have an adequate amount of support and compassion from others.


Role Models


Most support systems contain a few role models, those who you can look up to so to speak. A good role model does not necessarily have to be someone that you model yourself to be, but rather a person who provides you with positive inspiration. While it can be tempting to find one person and rely on them for everything, remember that it is not healthy to only depend on one source for support. It is also important to note that putting all of this pressure onto your romantic partner is not fair either. A healthy relationship is one that includes balance and mutual support. To expand your search for a support system, it is important to keep encouraging yourself to try new things. Only by putting yourself out there will you be able to meet new people and make potential positive connections.


Let Go of Shame


Build up your confidence levels as much as possible. If you are timid and unsure of yourself, it is going to be hard to reach out to people. As hard as it can be, just remember that support is reciprocated. When you are seeking something from others, if you are able to reciprocate, there is no need to feel ashamed or shy. Remember, you do not need to have an army behind you (although, even the smallest support system can feel like one). Use your interests to find those who have commonalities with you. Join a club, take some classes, and get involved as much as you can. With your system in place, many aspects of your life will begin to make more sense. You will be able to traverse through your problems more easily and your ADHD will feel much more manageable. If you work on this little by little, every single day, you will realize that you are not as alone as you think you are. There are always friendly people out there who are more than willing to help you.


Lead By Example


If you are ever given the opportunity to be a part of a support system for someone else, do it! Being on the giving end will allow you to appreciate being on the receiving end that much more. Choosing to see things from as many different perspectives as you can is going to give you an advantage in dealing with your own struggles. Help your loved ones reach their goals and provide positive, constructive criticism that is going to help them grow. What you give is what you are going to get back, so always keep that in mind when it comes to the way that you are treating others.


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