Most Helpful Apps For Those With ADHD And Anxiety


According to the American Psychiatric Association, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or more commonly known as ADHD stands as one of the most common childhood disorders today. Around 5 percent of the children in the US deal with the said disorder, and although it is common for children, there are also cases of the disorder translating and persisting through adulthood. 


Being an adult with ADHD is not a simple task. From dealing with work to tackling other things such as their social life and other co-existing mental health issues, adults who have ADHD would always have a long list of things to do. With other problems at hand, like anxiety, managing work and day to day functions will be very tough. To cope with their conditions, the elements of organization, a great routine, and positive feedback or encouragement must all be present. 


The following apps mentioned below are the specific embodiments of the traits of life mentioned above. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best apps for adults or children living with ADHD and anxiety. 




Asana was initially created for the function of businesses. It allows users to get their work and tasks organized through reminders, task assignment, and sending notes or comments. Its free version will let you use it together with 15 more users. 




EpicWin is a great way of injecting a little fun on your to-do list. The app allows you to turn tasks into “quests” which turns your real life into an RPG game. With this, you can plan out any event may it be professional ones, personal, or anything else. 


Remember The Milk


Another excellent organization app, Remember the Milk, allows you to create your to-do lists, set reminders, and more. The great thing about this app is its ability to have its content shared through various platforms such as text, email, social media, and it can even be synced through other apps like Gmail. 




As the name suggests, Due is an app that focuses on reminding you about a task you must accomplish. It is pretty much what it is, a reminder app, but gives you more functions to improve the simple work.




Perhaps one of the most well-known apps in this list, Evernote rose to popularity as a “digital notepad” that enables you to organize everything down to the last bit. Evernote cover photos, videos, notes, pins articles, and many more because it’s your one-stop shop for organization purposes. 


MindNode 5


MindeNode5 is a unique app in this list. It uses what it calls “mind mapping” to assist you to organize your ideas and enable you to link concepts or thoughts. It also offers features like color-coding your mind maps. 




Dropbox is an app that has made waves as an accessible drive where you can store all your files. It can be accessed through a majority of other apps out there which makes it a beneficial tool to have everything in one place where you can organize them better. 




An app that aims to promote positive behavior, 123TokenMe will reward users for behavioral milestones. It is an excellent app for parents, teachers, or therapists who all want to instill specific values in a child. 


If you need more information about adult ADHD and anxiety, go to BetterHelp.

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