Natural Remedies to Help ADHD


In the world of psychiatry and healing, it is often difficult to learn about ways to treat ADHD without the involvement of man-made drugs. For most, seeking a prescription is the first step that comes to mind when thinking about how to treat this disorder. It is a widely accepted cultural norm to have a prescription or two for your ailments. If you wish to opt for a more natural way to cope, you are in luck. There are plenty of options for getting assistance with ADHD that does not involve anything artificial or unnatural!


Cut Out the Dyes and Flavors


Make an educated observation about the foods that you are consuming. Do you tend graze the produce section when you go food shopping, or do you head straight to the freezer aisle? While pre-packaged foods win the race of convenience, they may actually be doing more damage to your ADHD symptoms. Eliminating any preservatives or artificial flavoring/coloring can actually cleanse your body and lessen the ADHD symptoms.


According to studies done by the Mayo Clinic, research suggests that consumption of these artificial substances can actually increase ADHD behavior in adults and children. Not only is the elimination of these preservatives going to improve your overall health, but it will also lead you down the path of natural healing for your ADHD. Take a closer look at the ingredients of the food that you are purchasing. Chances are, if you cannot correctly identify the first 3 ingredients, then you probably should not be consuming it.


The Great Outdoors


Never underestimate the power of getting some Vitamin D on a nice day! Spending time outdoors is a therapeutic and completely natural way for you to clear your mind. For children, it can also be an extracurricular activity. By changing up your environment and getting out in the sun for at least 20 minutes a day, this will act as a natural re-charge of your system.


If you have a lot on your mind, think about it outside. Bringing a journal along with you can also prove to be a good technique to use. According to Andrea Farber Taylor (University of Illinois), spending time in greenery has been proven to show significant results when it comes to the improvement of ADHD symptoms. Allow your children playtime in parks and on playgrounds; this could help them to unwind after a day at school or daycare.


A Little Extra Help


Supplements are your best friend, natural ways to boost vitamins and minerals that should already exist in your system. Turn to your local health food store and browse through their stock. If you are seeking supplements for children, be sure to consult a doctor to ensure that they will be getting the proper dosage. Zinc, vitamin B6, and Magnesium are all highly beneficial and natural supplements that can be taken. This trio supports the healthy function of your nervous system, keeps your blood pressure level, balances your hormones, makes sure your immunity levels stay high, and many other highly important factors.


If you want to get these vitamins without taking supplements, do some research and find out which foods naturally carry the vitamins that you desire. A small switch up in your diet can yield amazing results. Keeping a food journal for yourself or your child is the easiest way to see just how many nutrients are being consumed. In any areas that are lacking, you will be able to compensate. This simple trick to assist with ADHD symptoms can turn into a complete lifestyle overhaul.


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