Yoga For ADHD


One of the most therapeutic forms of exercise, yoga incorporates natural movements with calming breathing techniques that can assist you with many ailments. Although, there are various different styles, the basis of yoga is the same – Reach the highest level of well-rounded and calm mind, body, and spirit. The relation to ADHD is very clear. Doing yoga can be super beneficial for those who suffer from the disorder that aims to clutter the mind and make relaxation difficult. If you are interested in starting your practice, most gyms and fitness studios teach yoga classes at every level. The atmosphere is non-judgemental and each person is there to work on self improvement. This makes for the perfect setting to find a little bit of solace in the trying times that your ADHD may bring.


The Solo Practice


If group classes are not your thing, it is possible to embark on your own practice of yoga. A simple purchase of a yoga mat and an internet search for a guided class can get you started. Even though you will not be receiving the hands-on benefits of having the instructor present, you will still be exercising your ability to complete the activity at hand. Putting your focus into yoga is going to become a great catalyst for leveling out your ADHD symptoms. Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed out, try setting some time aside for a yoga session. A 20 minute workout will boost your endorphin levels and clear your mind so that you will be able to better function.


Not Age Specific


According to studies, yoga is also very beneficial for children. Yoga teaches mindfulness which is hard to learn on the average day. Meditation is one of the key components in a yoga class, and by doing this, kids with ADHD have show great improvement in the areas of memory, self esteem, and academic performance. Being able to reach this mindful state is great for children because their entire well being is being impacted. A child who knows how to calm himself down while he experiences ADHD symptoms will achieve much more success in the classroom. Many schools have actually been incorporating yoga into their physical education programs. Although, it is not very widespread yet, a future with more yoga is going to benefit all children. (Source: Marlynn Wei, MD, JD)


Improve Self Esteem


Yoga will put you into a positive state of mind. With this newfound confidence boost, you will be able to choose a path of healing when dealing with your ADHD symptoms. Being in a positive emotional state is necessary if you wish to change the physical state that you are in. This is what yoga aims to do – Place you into perfect alignment with all factors considered. It is worth a mention to your local yoga teacher that you are suffering from ADHD. Some teachers actually design classes that are specifically designed to help. In children, building up self esteem is especially important for schooling and socialization. With confidence comes successful socialization, and this is necessary for an ADHD sufferer.


Just like any new activity, sticking with it for awhile is essential if you would like to track your progress. You will be amazed with the results that yoga can have! Do your research, and don’t be afraid to jump into something new. Yoga is suitable for all ages and any skill level. Remember, everyone must always start at the beginning in order to reach the top. Be kind to yourself and recognize the progress that you are making as you seek out alternative ways to heal your ADHD symptoms.


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